Beer Review: Sixpoint Brownstone Ale

Brooklyn could use more breweries like Sixpoint. They’re local, they’re experimental, and they’re good. I like them for what they represent around here, but to be honest I don’t always like their beers. Sweet Action is pretty good, but too malty and indelicate for my tastebuds. Bengali Tiger is way too muddy and overwhelming both in malt and hop character. Its the beer equivalent of turning your clock radio up so loud that you can no longer make out the music. On the other hand, there are the one-offs and the limited releases. For whatever reason, I’ve enjoyed these immensely more than the standard fare. Maybe its a matter of freshness?

It was pretty dark in the restaurant, but you wouldn’t be able to see through this beer anyway.

I got my first taste of one of these local draught-only brews on a recent trip into DUMBO to check out Jack the Horse Tavern, an establishment whose name I’ve grown uncomfortable saying aloud. Regardless, they had awesome burgers and a pretty nice beer selection including Brownstone, Sixpoint’s take on a classic American Brown Ale.

Color: As you might expect, a deep rich brown. Nearly opaque with a thin tan head.

Aroma: Piney, citrusy Amercian hops. I’m guessing they used some Chinook.

Taste: Nutty and chocolatey, finishing with a bit of dank pine. A really light body and delicate malt character throughout. Malt bitterness was low, but detectable. Nothing overwhelming, a really solid example of this style.

Completely Scientific Rating: 90

For those of you accustomed to some of the more over-the-top offerings from this brewery, I’d suggest checking this one out for a nice change of pace.

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