Newburgh Cream Ale

If you ever find yourself in New York’s majestic Hudson Valley and you get a hankering for some awesome craft beer, I urge you to check out Newburgh Brewing Company. It’s a diamond in the rough of Newburgh, NY housed in the building of an old paper box factory right on the bank of the Hudson river. The taproom is casual and fun, the food is delicious, and the beer is great.

My favorite comercial session beer hands down is their Cream Ale, a hoppy, floral interpretation of the somewhat forgotten but classically american style. It’s dry, crisp and clean, slightly fruity from the hops and massively drinkable. If you know someone who says they don’t like craft beer “because it’s too heavy”, give them a pint of this.

I was lucky enough to talk Chris, the brewmaster, and convince him to share the basic recipe for this beer. I’ve now brewed it myself a number of times and it’s not exactly dead on, but pretty close to the commercial version and definitely fantastic. Seriously, give this one a try. See below for the recipe, with permission from Chris:

“60% Crisp Pale Ale Malt

20% Weyermann Wheat Malt

10% Flaked Barley

10% Flaked Oats

Protein rest at 122 F

Raise to 152 F rest for 60 minutes

Cascades at 60 minutes for 15 IBU

EKG at 30 minutes for 8 IBU

Cascades at flamout for 12 IBU (At least on my scale where the wort is 215 degrees F and it sits like that during whirlpool and castout of probably 1 1/2 hours you do get some IBUS out of that) I believe I calculate the usage on that at about 12% utilization or so.


Ferment at 60 F with White Labs Dry English Ale Yeast 007. If not using as high an attenuating yeast (1056 would probably be fine) I would do the sacharification rest at closer to 150. You should be looking for about 11.2 Plato to start and finish around 3.5 Plato or so.  Nothing really special in the fermentor just your normal procedures should do just fine.”

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